Many times when women are figuring out the best way to combine nutrition, exercise and “good” overall habits, they are looking for the answer everywhere and are afraid of missing out on the next MAGIC solution. But simply, the “magic solution” is creating PRIORITIES!

Have you ever heard of the 80/20 Rule? The 80/20 Rule refers to overall weight loss that occurs from 80% of what you do with your diet and 20% of your exercise.

For a long time, I was able to maintain my weight by “working off” my calories. But over an 18 month period, my weight and body shape started to change. I blamed it on hormone changes, crazy family schedules and even started questioning whether I was truly giving my all when working out. I was left with the inevitable decision- what do I do now?

I had to decide if I was fed up enough to make some changes and shift my priorities. I knew I couldn’t exercise any more than I already was because I literally didn’t have the time. Deep down I knew it was time to change my diet and figure out how to eat according to my goals!

By balancing my protein, carbs and fat intake at each meal and subscribing to the philosophy that if I was consistent 80% of the time, I would still have room 20% of the time for things that didn’t quite fit into my meal plan!

In those early days, my goal was to make an X on each day that I made balanced eating a priority. Then I set a goal to keep the X string going for many days in a row.
It was a powerful visual that made me feel confident in my decision making and got me closer and closer to my overall goal.

While I wasn’t as focused on exercise, I still made sure it was part of my life. I continued to teach my classes, but when I wasn’t, I chose a to do a leisure walk or a quick 30 min weight based workout to keep my cortisol low and my energy levels high.

I often get asked this question, What is the best diet for weight loss? My answer….The one that allows you to be consistent!

If you need help determining what kind of plan can work for you, let’s figure it out together and get you on your way to PRIORITIZING your health!