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Here is what some of my clients have gained from my coaching:


wish I had taken the time to learn this years ago…

For most of my adult life I have been an “in shape” person and enjoyed my high-functioning metabolism (even after a twin pregnancy at 35). My weight and my shape have never been an issue for me however, over time my ability to stay committed to a healthy eating plan and regular exercise became very inconsistent (at times non-existent). As many of us moms do, all my focus and energy was put towards raising my (now) 11 yr old twins (ok you can do the math on my age now ?), working a full time job and all the other details involved in co-managing a family of 4.
While I had the benefit of my genes making my jeans fit …my exercise routines were all over the place – – during the nicer months I would run about 2x a week and then do nothing all winter. My approach towards my diet seemed healthy from a meal perspective but I was ignoring the fact that in between meals I would binge on treats (a handful of M&M’s at a co-worker’s desk, bag of chips or loaded protein “candy” bar). I would arrive home from work (with dinner minutes away from being served) and immediately start diving into chips/pretzels anything I could get my hands on because I was starving! I would then eat a full dinner and then have dessert because I “needed” something sweet. I almost forgot to mention, my usual bed time was around 11:45/12:15 (after multiple mini-naps on the couch re-winding and restarting a show until I finally finished it)!
When Aimee introduced me to the program, and I actually gave myself a true assessment I realized:
• I was tired (A LOT) and not getting good sleep
• I had lost definition and muscle tone
• I had a serious sugar habit
• I ate a lot more processed foods than I was willing to admit
• I thought I needed to do high intensity exercise most days

I started the program on January 9th with the following goals:
• Reducing my overall body fat percentage
• Ending my sugar cravings
• Getting to bed earlier

Today (March 22) I am only 5 lbs lighter but I have lost body fat and I feel strong and defined (not to mention down 2 jeans sizes)! The improvements to my overall physique have been great but I am more thrilled that for the first time I feel like I have a plan that make sense and is easy to implement. No more stressing about trying to fit in an hour long run or fitness class. I have all I need at home and can take care of it in 20-25 minutes. I eat more real food now and it’s what I crave! No more ice cream binges at 10pm! Have I strayed off the path? Yes, multiple times (I’m going to enjoy the good things in life) but I feel informed and armed with an easy template to base most of my day to day decisions about health and exercise. I wish I had taken the time to learn this years ago! Thank you Aimee!


lost 30lbs and finally ended the negative self talk that had held her back for years…

Creating healthy habits has always been a struggle and when I did try my best to eat well, I found it so hard to stay consistent. Following other strict dietary plans made me feel deprived and isolated. If I was having success and then one bad meal or day happened, I felt terrible and guilty. That led to alot of negative self talk and I would lose the desire to keep going.
After consulting with my doctor, I knew I needed to finally get a handle on my eating, exercise and stress management. The extra weight and aches & pains in my back and knees were making me feel older than I was. Aimee’s 8 week program came at the perfect time, when I needed accountability.
Her no nonsense approach just made sense to me and I quickly learned better ways to balance my diet, allow myself some non-negotiables every once in awhile and reverse the negative self talk so that I could finally lose weight and maintain it….30lbs for over a year!
This program has opened my mind to a better way to live.”
– Marisa


her mindset shift opened her eyes to how stress was hampering her weight loss…

“This is the first program that I have done (and I’ve done many) that strongly resonated with me from day 1. The concept of my mindset and changing that mindset sparked an Aha! in me that I still feel 10 weeks later. I genuinely did not think I could or would want to give up my non-negotiables but by wk 4, I did! The reasons they were non- negotiable were gone. I didn’t realize how stressed I was or the impact that had on my body.
The combination of reducing stress, adjusting my diet, the on-line support group, including webinars, and re-thinking my exercise regime has been amazing. Truthfully, the mindset aspect was the hardest for me but the most beneficial. I strongly recommend active participation in the FB group- they kept me going when I was full of doubts.

This a terrific program run by a real woman for real people. It’s not a fad diet, it’s not gimmicky, it’s just common sense and it works!”


went from feeling hopeless about losing weight to losing 30lbs with ease…

“I was at a point where I was frustrated and confused with my body. I was always trying different ways to lose weight by cutting back on food and increasing my exercise. I resolved myself to the fact that I was never going to be able to lose weight.
I had always enjoyed exercising, mostly because it helped me destress. I had tried working with a personal trainer a couple time and I loved the workouts, but they didn’t help me lose any weight. I was spending even more time at the gym and less time relaxing and with my family. Now, after completing Aimee’s 8 week program, I spend less time exercising, I still get that stress relief and I was able to lose over 30 lbs in combination with the meal planning.
One of my biggest ‘aha!’ moments came in realizing that I am a giver and not good at receiving…mostly in terms of help. I was not allowing myself or anyone else to give back to me and it was causing alot of stress in my life. This program was my gift to myself and it has shown me how important it is to take care of yourself and the benefits of being able to destress.
I now have a more open mindset and positive outlook on my wellness and weight loss goals. I am able to “flip a switch” when the negative thoughts creep in, which allows me to stay focused and motivated. I feel that Aimee’s coaching and the strategies of the program are so valuable in helping you understand how nutrition, exercise and mindset can work together to effectively reach the goals you really desire for your life.” – Sue


My entire mind set has changed…

“After three pregnancies, gaining and losing along the way, I turned 39 and realized I had gained between 12-15 lbs. None of my clothes fit and after a move, I could not find a place I liked to work out. For the past 6-7 years or so I have worked my butt off to exercise like crazy and REALLY watch what eat. I had also been a runner but hurt my hip and had to stop. Add that in with wine, pizza and age and you’ve got the perfect recipe to being miserable with your appearance.
Nothing was really working and I was unhappy. To make it worse, when you are a size 6 people say, “oh please you look fine”. Except I didn’t feel fine and everyone in my house suffered. I hate to admit this but I am not a good mom or wife when I feel like crap about myself.
One night, I was waiting for my daughter outside gymnastics, looking on FB.Two of my friends had liked Aimee’s blog post about her Before and After. I remember being interrupted about five times before I could read it, comprehend and feel like I had just been introduced to my “fitness coach” soulmate. I have ALWAYS been an all or nothing person and could never really adhere to the rules of moderation because I felt like they didn’t work at my age. Enter Aimee’s post…she was a mom, a trainer, a wife and had a full time job. The kicker was that she was in her late 40’s and was talking about leaning up, not just losing weight. So I reached out to her.

We spoke….she asked me questions about my lifestyle, my goals and my preferences and I felt like she had a very normal approach to being healthy. Our first topic was my non negotiables. I have to have cream in my coffee (even though over the course of the past few years I was eliminating everything and still gaining weight) and guess what, I lost weight with my processed flavored coffee mate. We talked about not stopping my beloved white wine and pizza because I felt it would keep me sane and now I enjoy it every once in a while but I’m not obsessed with it anymore.

She explained how to exercise in 2 week cycles in order to create the ability to become lean by losing body fat and developing muscle. What I thought would be the hardest phase of exercising less, because I love to workout, was the 2 week cycle that I actually began to enjoy. I chose sleeping in over an early class a couple times and after a couple weeks, I had lost about 4 – 5 lbs.

So where am I now? Well, my entire mind set has changed. It’s not all or nothing, it’s ALL in moderation, true moderation. I have lost around 11-12 pounds and I am 6 lbs away from my goal weight of 125. I have not felt deprived, tired or overwhelmed. Is it EASY? No. Was it extremely eye opening, Yes! I felt like I could tell Aimee all the insane things that go through my mind and ask any ridiculous question without an ounce of judgement.”

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