If you’ve ever succumbed to that nagging voice that says,

“Just go for a run” or “hop on a piece of cardio equipment”
because you were pressed for time and figured a hard core cardio session for 30 mins was the best thing you could do to burn last night’s burger and fries, LISTEN UP!
**Any good exercise program should incorporate both cardio and strength training in order to burn fat, build muscle, increase energy and ultimately drop weight.**
But how you combine the two and where you spend the majority of your efforts, can significantly affect how quickly and how well you can change your body for the better.
Choosing a weight based workouts that challenges your strength while working at a pace that challenges your heart is the key…here’s why
  • #1 – BURN DURING, BURN AFTER……You will have a greater effect on your metabolism in a short period of time because muscle building activity elevates your fat burning capacity for up to 36 hours after your 30 min session!

  • #2 – LESS CORTISOL RESPONSE….Short duration exercise that emphasizes muscle building has less of a chance at raising your cortisol to the levels that actually cause the body to hold onto body fat…especially around the belly!

  • #3 – IT COUNTERACTS AGING PROCESS….as we age we lose muscle and bone density. You can’t stop aging, but you can prevent some of the process that effects daily life. Weight training is the solution to growing weak and fragile!

So how much weight training should you do?

Everyone is different and there is no steadfast rule, but once you start using a more strength based routine, you will quickly figure out what your body responds to and what it needs.