The 80/20 Rule

Many times when women are figuring out the best way to combine nutrition, exercise and “good” overall habits, they are looking for the answer everywhere and are afraid of missing out on the next MAGIC solution. But simply, the “magic solution” is creating PRIORITIES!...

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The harder you push….

Do you ever feel like the harder you push yourself to be “good”, the harder your body and mind push back?   It’s frustrating, right?   It reminds me of the expression, “A watched pot never boils”. It actually does, but what was the point?   Patience.     Patience...

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Before and After

This happened in 8 weeks and it wasn't because of a 21 day fix, eating an "all or nothing" new diet plan. It happened because I made a decision that I was ready to find out how much better I could feel and yes, LOOK! I am a 47 yr old perimenopausal woman that...

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DIET is a 4 letter word….

Ever since I can remember, I have never been able to really embrace the concept of strategically restricting my eating for a better reflection in the mirror. I would always try to compensate with more exercise to offset times when my eating was less than perfect. That...

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“My entire mind set has changed.
It’s not all or nothing, it’s ALL in moderation, true moderation. I have lost around 11-12 pounds and I am 6 lbs away from my goal weight of 125. I have not felt deprived, tired or overwhelmed.”