I’m Aimee

I have been a wellness professional for over 25 years. Working in the industry has allowed me to help hundreds of women create healthier lifestyles through exercise, fundamental nutrition, stress management and self appreciation.

Since moving to the online world, my coaching programs have allowed me to reach over 100 women these past 2 years and I am excited to continue this out reach because we women deserve to LOVE our body and life, no matter how busy we are. Along with a master’s degree in Exercise Science, I also hold numerous certifications in exercise and coaching. But I believe what’s even more important is my story, which is probably pretty similar to yours.

This is

My Story

10 years after having my 2 kids I was working hard at eating well and exercising daily. I had reached an average weight for my age and figured it was as good as I could get. But I was not in LOVE with what I saw in the mirror. Between work, kid’s sports, planning meals and teaching classes, there just wasn’t a lot of time to focus on me and making changes.

But something inside of me said, “It’s now or never” and I decided to figure out the right diet and exercise combination to get results without having to make HUGE lifestyle changes.

Luckily, I found a program that changed my life. To my surprise, I actually reduced the amount of time I needed to exercise and incorporated most of the food I was already eating. After tweaking it to fit a busy women’s schedule and allowing myself some non negotiables, I was finally able to drop the body fat, weight and inches that I had been holding onto for years. I honestly didn’t even know I had that much to lose…


the kicker

At 47, I was already in menopause and fighting my hormones on a daily basis trying to do what I had always done to maintain my ideal body. Many people told me it’s just natural to gain weight and not be able to change during this phase of a women’s life, but I was determined to be different.

Guess what happens when you persist?

You get results!

I lost significant body fat, back to where I was in my college days, weight and 2 clothing sizes.

These results showed and so many women around me started asking what I was doing and if I could help them do the same. That’s when I knew I was given a gift to pursue my passion of helping other women become the best version of themselves and my coaching business began.

So let’s recap

my journey

At 47 I was an average weight with a “this is as good as it gets” attitude

I finally admitted that I was fed up and wanted results that matched my efforts

Found a way to combine eating and exercise, along with the right mindset to lose significant body fat and weight, while dropping 2 clothing sizes

Made small changes to make it fit a busy lifestyle and the results became sustainable for the last 2 years

Created a coaching program that has helped over 100 women create their own “best” plan for results through 1:1, group and membership style coaching

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